I have been through the process of successfully applying to the University of Cambridge, which means that I know what it takes to write an excellent personal statement. Furthermore, given my academic record, I know how to craft impeccable writing and present information in a clear, impactful manner. In addition to this, I have in the past helped run a mock interview program for Oxbridge candidates, which involved assisting with their personal statements.

Writing a personal statement is far harder than most people imagine. You are constrained in terms of space; you need to strike a balance between discussing your academic record and your life beyond school; you need to appear passionate, but not melodramatic; and most of all, you need to appear comfortable writing about yourself, which many aren’t.

And a personal statement should not be treated as an accessory to your application – as most universities do not interview, a personal statement is one of their only ways to judge whether you are what they are looking for.

Hence, that is why I offer comprehensive feedback and assistance on drafts of Personal Statements as one of my services.


What do I provide?

As part of this service I will:
• conduct a complete analysis of your personal statement, providing you with detailed feedback regarding the wording, grammar, content and structure of each individual paragraph
• provide suggestions as to how to improve the ‘flow’ of the paragraphs in order to ensure that the finished statement has its own consistent voice
• advise you on the nature of the content itself, and whether you are talking about the right things
• underneath the personal statement, I will write a review of the work in its entirety, giving you advice for how it could be improved, and, if you desire, I will provide you with an improved, rewritten version of your personal statement produced by me

If necessary, you can also get in touch with me via Skype to discuss the feedback and what needs to be done.

As I have no desire to overcharge, the price of this service varies depending on the amount of work your personal statement needs and therefore the amount of time I have to devote to it. This means that each personal statement is individually assessed by me, and then a price is quoted.

Prices start at £15 if you only require limited input. Please note that my lowest rate is enormously cheaper (by around £45) than the lowest rates charged by other providers for their most basic packages.